Community & Leadership

We offer community outreach and engagement through the support of our coalition partners to enhance community awareness, understanding, and appreciation for issues and concerns that affect LGBTQ+ youth.

Zebra Coalition® Youth Council

The mission of Zebra Coalition® is support and inspire LGBTQ+ youth.

We do that by helping to find hope, dignity and self-respect and to provide them an opportunity to grow up in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.

The Zebra Coalition Youth Council is made up of youth between the ages of 13-24. Members work to improve the Coalition by providing a valuable youth voice and perspective to Zebra Coalition® programs, serving as a resource to Zebra Coalition staff, board members and partners and acting as ambassadors in the community.

Some examples of opportunities of the Zebra Coalition Youth Council:

  • Leadership role in LGBTQ+ youth movement
  • Mentorship by Zebra Coalition staff, board members, and partners
  • Personal and professional development opportunities, including experience working with a non-profit and recommendations for higher education and/or employment
  • Partnership and collaboration with like-minded peers
  • Active role in changing the community
  • Potential media representation to help raise awareness for the mission of Zebra Coalition

GSA Network

The Zebra Coalition’s Gay/Straight Alliance Network is part of our work to ensure safe and affirming schools for all students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. The GSA Network engages youth and administrators by providing educational opportunities and ongoing connection to the mission of Zebra Coalition. 

The Network is here to guide, provide structure, and encourage schools to strengthen their clubs. We'll assist with difficulties clubs may experience while letting the students take charge.We provide the tools necessary for a successful GSA.

Trainings and Workshops

Our trainings and workshops cover topics such as LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency, Creating Safe Spaces, Bullying Prevention and Zebra Coalition 101. For more information on our educational opportunities, you may contact us at:


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