Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Do you know someone in need of support?

Anyone interested in counseling services must first become a Zebra Youth Member.

The Zebra Youth’s Mental Health Counseling Program provides trauma informed, age and developmentally appropriate therapy and is designed for the unique experiences and needs of the homeless or at-risk LGBTQ+ youth who turn to us for help and support. Masters level therapists, trained in LGBTQ+ competencies engage youth and provide free and culturally appropriate therapy to at-risk LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-24. Therapists provide direct one-on-one support and psychoeducation to clients, helping youth to grow in their ability to make healthy choices while they work through any issues they may have and work toward greater self-sufficiency – all in a safe and caring environment.

Counseling (Individual + Family)

Zebra Youth’s target population are LGBTQ and all youth, who seek culturally competent support.

The program includes the provision of the following services directly:

  • Comprehensive counseling services to youth and families, when possible. Services are structured by highly skilled therapists in a manner that engages youth and encourage positive social interactions.
  • Staff and therapists provide emotional support, acceptance, and positive affirmation of all clients. Auxiliary programs such as peer groups and group meetups encourage leadership and social responsibility in youth.
  • All therapists are trained in and utilize techniques that promote a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing, such as ACEs and Youth Mental Health First Aid.
  • All programs of the Zebra Youth are implemented with evidence-based practices supported by research and evaluation. Self-evaluation is conducted annually to ensure we continue to meet the needs of all clients.

The program is ongoing on a full-time basis year round. Hourly appointments are scheduled during office hours: Monday through Friday; 10AM-6PM. Therapists work closely with families and do family therapy as an integral part of the holistic approach to healing, fostering family reunification, where possible.